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September 17, 2018 Business Safety, Crime Prevention, Security Tips

5 Tips for Responding to Alarm Activation’s

As a Business owner you will occasionally need to respond to alarm activations outside of your businesses operating hours. In most cases these activations are false and caused by other factors such as weather conditions, faulty equipment or the incorrect securing of windows and doors. However, it is vital to have a procedure in place for the safety of your employees and to prevent potential damage to your business.   

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August 2, 2018 Business Safety, Crime Prevention, Security Tips

Tips To Help Prevent Criminal Activity To Your Business During Bank Holiday Weekends

Businesses with good security systems in place are less likely to have break-ins.

Businesses are generally closed for longer periods than normal over the Bank Holiday weekends and criminals are very aware of this. Unfortunately for some businesses that do not have any form of Alarm Response in place it can be Tuesday before staff and management are made aware of the crime. Building sites are a particular concern on Bank Holidays for trespassers and their attempts.

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