Alarm Response

Keyholding and Alarm Response

If an alarm sounds, a quick response is critical.

Alarm Response Service

A professional Alarm Response Service can protect your business and your staff from unnecessary risks, threats and costs and most importantly, the inconvenience. When it comes to responding to an activated alarm, reaction time and on ground knowledge is crucial.

Top Security Mobile patrol officers hold your keys so they can respond to your alarms. They are trained to know what to do in an emergency and how to minimise damage. False alarms can put stress on any security system and cost you needless time, expense and good-will. 

How Alarm Response and Keyholding Works

  • In the event that your alarm system sounds at your business premises, Top Security Mobile will dispatch an officer to your facility to investigate. If necessary, local law enforcement, emergency services, or maintenance personnel will be contacted.
  • With Top Security Mobile Guarding in place, you can rest easy knowing that our patrol officers are ready and able to respond to any sort of security breach, threat or concern.

Advantages of Mobile Guarding Alarm Response

  • Reduction of costs associated with law enforcement responding to false
  • The responding officer can frequently handle the routine case of the alarms themselves, saving you time, money and headaches.
  • Top Security offers nationwide 24/7 alarm dispatch capabilities whether
    Top Security monitors your alarm system or another vendor does.
  • Our alarm response service can be paired with our Remote Guarding and Electronic Security services, providing you with a comprehensive alarm
    system and response service from one provider.

For more information on how Top Security can offer integrated guarding alternatives for your security program, please contact us at Dublin 01 4900333 and Cork 021-4968967 or alternatively REQUEST A CALL BACK from our team today!

Outsourcing alarm response can benefit both the public and private sectors.

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