Top Security On-Site Guarding

Security Guard Services

Whether you need one officer at a reception desk, or a team of security guards to monitor your network of warehouses, Top Security can provide the security you need with the ease and efficiency you desire. 

We know that every business environment has different security needs. That’s why we leverage our knowledge and expertise to develop a variety of guarding functions to meet any client’s requirements. 

After performing an Operational Analysis, we will recommend any combination of these security services:

  • Access control
  • Reception/concierge duties
  • Emergency response and life safety (including EMTs)
  • Security guard patrols
  • Loss prevention
  • Special events
  • Customised and site-specific security functions

As a client-focused organisation, Top Security devotes extensive time and resources to hiring, training, developing and retaining our officers to achieve a level of service that meets the client’s security needs.

With offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland’s leading businesses use our range of security guard services to ensure business continuity.

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We provide our clients with on-site security officers who:

Convey trust and confidence

Our extensive pre-employment screening and selection procedures verify each job candidate’s background and assess a variety of personal qualities, including trustworthiness, honesty and integrity.

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Possess a professional demeanor

Because our security officers represent our clients, as well as our company, we strive to make certain that every security officer acts professionally at all times.


Innovation and Technology

Integrate cutting edge technology with a comprehensive security force.

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