Top Security Remote Patrol

A smarter way to patrol your premises.

Remote Patrol gives you a proactive security presence that’s ready to help deter trouble 24/7. Remote patrolling via strategically placed cameras gives your eyes on your weak spots that can monitor more consistently and cost-effectively than security officers alone. Video-based patrols form the basis of an all-encompassing security solution. Our remote officers can conduct patrols once or several times per night. By logging into the camera network, they are able to conduct a full exterior or interior patrol.

Advantages of Remote Patrol

  • Access to cutting-edge technology with no major new investment
  • More consistent coverage of all your critical areas
  • Quickly and efficiently increase and improve the security footprint
  • Cost-effective even if you have many sites in remote locations
  • Can help to prevent incidents before they happen
Download Brochure: Remote Patrol