Top Security Remote Alarm Verification

An instant security presence anytime, anywhere.

Alarm verification gives you the shortest possible response time when an incident occurs.

Our remote monitoring centre activates cameras, scans premises and parking lots for unauthorised activity and potential threats; advises status, and; delivers an audible message that security is monitoring in real-time. False alarms are reported to your emergency contact, and when intrusions are verified, Top Security Mobile and/or the police are dispatched. Whether it’s a potential break-in, perimeter intrusion or fire, our operators use live video to analyse the situation as it happens and take action to prevent or minimise damage.

How Remote Alarm Verification Works:

  • Expert consultation to find best camera locations and angles
  • Cameras and software connect to a 24/7 monitoring centre
  • Highly trained professionals remotely respond to alarm activations at your facility to determine the cause
  • Response can include audio for live intervention
  • Evidence is documented if an incident occurs
  • Open platforms allow existing equipment to be utilised — often in combination with cutting edge technology
Download Brochure: Remote Alarm Verification