Our Business Approach

Effective Security is about Expertise, Experience and local Knowledge.

Top Security’s core business focuses on delivering protective services through professional people using leading edge technologies supported by experienced local managers.

Three Tiered Approach

Top Security provides the full spectrum of services, officers and technology while still maintaining a united face to clients.

At Top we recognise that there are three different aspects to managing service delivery. There is Account management, Operations Management and the duties of our Frontline Staff. We developed our own system known as the Three Tiered Approach thus insuring a comprehensive approach to our clients needs.

Team selection

Our business is a people based business and we understand that in order to provide the best security service we must choose the best people and provide the right Training. All staff go through a rigorous Screening and Selection Process.

Fit is very important when selecting security officers for any location. Every organisation has a culture and a style of it’s own. Location Based Training is both structured and ongoing thus insuring that our personnel and our client are the right fit for each other.

Customised Solutions

Top security provides the right balance of expertise utilising On-Site, Remote and Mobile Guarding with the optimal integration of leading edge technologies. A custom designed approach assists Top Security managers in developing a risk assessment of your facility.

They then propose the best security alternative, utilising on-site, mobile and remote guarding combined with technology to offer a cost-effective integrated solution.

+ See the complete Risk Assessment process

Communications and Technology

Top Security continually invests in it’s communication and technology infrastructures.

We are the only security provider in Ireland with 2 fully licensed ARC’s and an independent radio network that covers the Republic of Ireland a few remote areas apart. Having the right communication systems with the necessary resilience is fundamental to delivering a quality service.

Security solutions and technology, such as Remote Video Surveillance, have become an increasingly important component of any security solution. As part of our strategy, we continue to make significant investment in this area.

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