Top Security Remote Perimeter Protection

CCTV Monitoring

Surveillance that thinks fast to keep your safety at the forefront.

Help reduce both the number of incidents and your security costs with Remote Perimeter Protection managed by Top Security.  We customize intelligent video analytics to each unique location to automatically recognize potential threats – before an incident occurs. Operators are alerted the moment suspicious behaviour is detected near your perimeter, allowing us to head-off trouble before it starts.

With the advantage of real-time security, break-ins, theft and vandalism can all be greatly reduced through the following efforts:

  • Operators are alerted the moment there is suspicious behaviour near your perimeter, allowing us to head off trouble before it starts.
  • We also actively optimize the system over time to deter another persistent threat: false alarms.

Not only do you save money by eliminating unnecessary call-outs, intelligent software that’s always on the look-out may lower the demand for an on-site presence. Remote perimeter protection is remarkably efficient because we manage the entire chain from technology, to operators, to on-site response.

This level of efficiency allows us to provide complete protection for one competitive monthly fee with no major investment required.

How Remote Perimeter Protection Works:

  • In-depth analysis of your security situation
  • Expert guidance in choosing ideal equipment and placement
  • Intelligent video analytics customized to your site requirements
  • Open platforms allow integration of existing equipment
  • Automated zone intrusion detection
  • Speaker system for voice intervention

Download Brochure: Remote Perimeter Protection