Top Security National Accounts

Top Security’s National Accounts

Streamlined Security. Anytime. Anywhere

Companies in every industry are striving to protect themselves and their customers. The ability to strategically centralise the security framework is a key factor in maintaining a consistent security program, staying ahead of challenges, and achieving success on a national or global scale.

As a strategic division of Top Security for our National Account customers we combine Top Security’s service offerings into one platform that offers clients something unique to Top Security in Ireland: a one-stop shop to obtain, implement, and manage all their security needs.

What benefits can we offer your national security requirements?

  • As a singular security supplier, we deliver a consistent quality of service to all customer locations while reducing the number of contracts to manage.
  • Our high degree of specialisation guarantees that each market segment is managed by a recognised expert in that field.
  • The Dedicated Account Manager has complete operational control, authority, and accountability over all locations to manage your service.

“The real benefit of having a dedicated account manager is that they have the time and focus to properly manage issues for your account while continually striving to improve your security.”

National Accounts

With industry expertise across the organisation, Top can provide your enterprise with seamless security.

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