Prevent Criminal Activity To Your Business During Bank Holiday Weekends

Tips to reduce the risk of a break-in to your business

Businesses with good security systems in place are less likely to have break-ins.

Businesses are generally closed for longer periods than normal over the Bank Holiday weekends and criminals are very aware of this. Unfortunately for some businesses that do not have any form of Alarm Response in place it can be Tuesday before staff and management are made aware of the crime. Building sites are a particular concern on Bank Holidays for trespassers and their attempts.

Often keyholders are out of reach during bank holiday weekends and forget to inform the alarm monitoring station reducing the chance of a rapid response. This gives criminals extra time and more advantage when committing a crime.

  • Lock up – ensure there is someone responsible for the task of locking up on the Friday before a long weekend. Secure all doors and windows. Ensure Alarm System is armed and a security check is done before leaving.
  • Keyholders – revise and update your keyholder contacts in case of an emergency. If an alarm is raised, you have a keyholder available to attend or an Alarm Response Service in place.
  • Be aware – criminals tend to lurk and investigate an area before committing a crime. Get employees to watch out for suspicious behaviour and be aware of their surroundings.
  • Outside Security Lights – keep the perimeter well lit. It can deter potentials trespassers.

If you wish to secure your premises more, Top Security can provide professionals to visit your premises to carry out a risk audit. This will highlight vulnerable areas and suggest counter measures to make these areas more secure.


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