Prevent Vandalism

Tips to reduce the risk of a break-in to your business

Vandalism is an unfortunate, unnecessary and sometimes quite a costly occurrence for business owners. As the Halloween season is upon us, it is important to recognise that this time of year is typically followed by increased incidents of vandalism. Consequently, it is the optimal time of year to review the security of your premises and ensure the relevant preventative measures are in place. Continue reading for keys tips on how to prevent potential costly repairs to your property by actively discouraging vandalism.

Motion Detection Lights

Motion detection security lights are very effective in warding off intruders with intent to vandalise as their chances of being spotted are increased dramatically with overhead lighting.


Additional barriers such as high gates, fences or shrubbery will discourage criminals from entering your premises. This is especially relevant in the case of graffiti as access and a quick exit is more difficult. Access to your property should be limited and always securely locked when not in use.


CCTV cameras are a major deterrent for all criminal activity. CCTV cameras can be monitored and used alongside motion detection sensors. This will enable your remote monitoring centre to activate the cameras and scan the area for potential intruders. An audible message can also be used to notify potential intruders that they are being recorded in real time.  

Report Suspicious Activity

Vandals are more likely to act when they think that no one is watching them. They are even more likely to act if they expect that no one will stop them. Always report loitering and suspicious activity to your security company and if necessary to An Garda Siochana. Never assume someone else has already made the call.

Electronic Timers

Electronic plug timers can be used to switch on and off lights throughout the weekend period or whenever your premises are vacant. They can also be used in conjunction with your smart devices allowing you to do this remotely from your mobile handset. This will create the impression that your building is occupied. Electronic timers are a simple and inexpensive way to increase the security of your premises and deter criminal activity.

If you wish to secure your premises more, Top Security can provide professionals to visit your premises to carry out a risk audit. This will highlight vulnerable areas and suggest counter measures to make these areas more secure.


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