Tips to reduce the risk of a break-in to your business

When operating a business you can expect to be targeted by criminals, breaking into your premises leaving an adverse effect on your operations. No matter what type of business you operate there will always be an interest to an intruder.

Do not leave the responsibility of securing your premises to your security provide, encourage your management and staff to play an active role in protecting your assets. Securing your business extends beyond alarm system, it includes viewing your business with the eye of a criminal in order to highlight the susceptible aspects. Four tips that can reduce the risk of a break-in to your premises;

Access points are adequately secured

  • Take extra measures to secure doors, gates and windows that lead into your premises
  • Ensure that your overall premise is resistant to any form of unauthorised entry
  • Inspect all doors, windows, shutters on a regular basis ensuring that they are in good condition
  • Protected by a functional, effective and properly maintained intruder alarm system covering all areas of your premise

Do not facilitate the crime

  • Do not leave items such as pallets, refuse containers etc. that could be used as platforms to access the premises
  • Building materials like scaffolds, ladders, bricks and metal etc. should be kept out of sight. Which could be used to force entry should be removed or safeguarded

Increased lighting and visibility

  • External areas of a premise are adequately illuminated to not allow intruder operate undetected
  • External lighting should be regularly checked and up-dated

If you wish to secure your premises more, Top Security can provide professionals to visit your premises to carry out a risk audit. This will highlight vulnerable areas and suggest counter measures to make these areas more secure.


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